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Improve your open rates with our event email marketing subject line IDEAS

The engagement for your event email starts the moment it lands into the recipient's inbox.  This is where your subject line needs to do the work of enticing your potential reader into opening your email to experience the glorious work you have put into the email design, layout and most importantly the content, ultimately all this good work is a waste of time and money if the email is left unread.  

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3 killer event email marketing tips guaranteed to sell more tickets

Nearly every event leverages email marketing to engage their target audience and drive conversions. It’s a staple of the event marketing mix. So much so, that emails are sometimes blasted off without too much thought about how to get the most out of your email marketing budget.

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Mass Email Marketing is Killing Your Event's Conversion Rate and ROI

  • Have your new subscriptions hit the wall?
  • Are you churning subscribers at a faster rate than you can acquire them?
  • Are your open rates decreasing over time?
  • Are you marketing to a diminishing email list?
  • Is your average sale price falling?

If you are mass mailing your email list it’s a fairly safe bet that your email communications are solely aligned with your event timeline. This was the only option with traditional media but the game has moved on. Digital not only gives us the opportunity to tailor our communications to the customer, it is now becoming a customer expectation. Fail to meet it, and you’re history with a quick unsubscribe!

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Is your event website loading time slowing your ticket sales?

The time your event website takes to load up is important, it really is a case of ‘every second counts’ and studies carried out by Kissmetric show that page abandonment doubles with an increase in page load time from 2 to 4 seconds. Losing visitors because of slow page load times will mean you are losing potential ticket purchasers or exhibitor stand bookings.

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Track cross domain ticket sales with Google Analytics

Many event companies use 3rd party ticketing sites, such as Seetickets, to handle their ticket sales, and why not these guys do a sterling job.  But what happens to your analytics when you pass the visitor from your event website to the external ticketing website? Well for most that is the end of the road, no data, no insight, no good.

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Reduce cart abandonment and sell more tickets

Event marketers work tirelessly to put new visitors into the top of the funnel and hopefully into the buying process, but not many invest time into looking at what these visitors do once they are dropped there.

Figures from Salescycle indicate that abandonment rates during the checkout process are on the rise. In fact their studies estimate that this has risen by nearly 15% in the last 5 years, what might be more concerning to anyone who is selling event tickets online is the average abandonment figure is estimated to be a whopping 75.6%.

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3 tips for harnessing the power of customer insight in event marketing

What type of cake’s do your attendees like? You might not have this fine grain of information about your customers yet (or really need it) but these days ignoring your data is effectively the same as ignoring your customers. However this data on it’s own means very little unless you use it to make decisions that have measurable results and work toward reaching your event objectives.

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Marketing your event never stops because data never sleeps: Infographic

Business intelligence firm Domo have created an infographic which shows some of the vast numbers involved in todays digital consumption.

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Google Analytics: Essential Set-Up for Event Marketers

Ok, you’ve added Google Analytics to your website, so it’s time to sit back, relax and watch that useful web data roll in. After all, Google Analytics gives you everything a marketer needs straight out of the box, right?

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